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Level 1-20 Alliance (Human) Leveling Guide


Note that this guide is ancient. Cataclysm changed many of the quests and details.

We'll leave this page up for posterity sake. If you like you can check out our leveling home page, with links to the appropriate class guides and a bunch of leveling tips. Those pages will be updated regularly, into Mists of Pandaria and beyond.
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Level 1-6 Human Starting Area: Northshire Valley

When you start grab the quest from the guard next to you, turn that in and grab Kobold Camp Cleanup. While heading over to the kobolds find the NPC next to the monastery who will give you the Wolves Across the Border quest.

Complete both quests and turn them in, the kobold quest will give you another one Investigate Echo Ridge, also grab the quest Brotherhood of Thieves. Finish the brotherhood quest then the Echo Ridge quest.

By now you should be level 4 or so, grab Skirmish at Echo Ridge, Bounty on Garrick Padfoot, and Milly Osworth. Turn in the Milly Osworth quest to receive Milly's Harvest quest. Finish all of these quests to hit level 5.

Turn in the Grape Manifest quest, from the Milly's Harvest quest linem also grab the Report to Goldshire quest and the Rest and Relaxation quest from the NPC on your way out. Turn all these in at Goldshire to hit 6.

Level 6-10 Human Starting Area: Elwynn Forest

Grab all the quests in Goldshire such as The Fargodeep Mine, Kobold Candles, and Gold Dust Exchange. Go to the mine south of town to finish all 3 of those and hit level 7. Grab A Fishy Peril and turn that in and finish that quest line, also get The Jasperlode Mine and then head down to the farms south of town for more quests.

Get Lost Necklace, and Princess Must Die! from the western farm and finish the Lost Necklace quest line. Also go to the farm near that just past the Kobold mine going east and grab all the quests there and finish them. When your done with the farm quests head over to the far east down the road until you find a bridge with some guards.

You should be level 8 by now, grab all the quests from the guard at the bridge and do the find the Lost guards quest along with Protect the Frontier and then run to the logging camp. Get a Bunble of Trouble and Red Linen Goods, finish both of those and you should be closing in on level 10 if not already 10.

Go all the way west to the Fort there and grab Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty and the Hogger quest. Finish both of those and you should be close to level 11.

Level 10-13 Westfall

Grab the quests from the farmers you run into right as you enter Westfall. Finish those then run over to sentinel hill and pick up all the quests. Complete The Peoples Militia and the Red Leather Bandanas quests north of sentinel hill at the mine. With both of those done you should be near 12, make sure to do minor grinding as you head back and forth for quests.

Do Goretusk Liver Pie quest along with Westfall Stew to gain a level or so mixed in with some easy grinding. Get ready to head through the Deep run tram to ironforge then run to Loch Modan.

Level 13-16 Loch Modan

Grab the quests from the bunker in Loch Modan and get all the quests from town. Finish all of the kobold quests and the other quests from town to hit level 14 and a bit more. Grab the Trogg quest line from south of Loch Modan at the bunker there.

Finish the Trogg quest line and a few other quests that you can get from the other side of the lake to hit 16.

Level 16-18 Westfall

When you arrive back in westfall go finish up the Peoples Miltia quests and then grab The Defias Brotherhood quest line and do that to gain almost an entire level. you should be 17 1/2 when all your Peoples militia quests are done along with the brotherhood quest line.

Go to the bottom left of westfall and grab the quests from the Lighthouse and finish all 3 of them to get to level 18 and if you did some minor grinding almost 19.

Level 18-20 Redridge/Lakeshire

Grab the quest from the guard patrolling the crossroads area as you enter Redridge and then proceed to town to grab all the quests possible. Finish the Hillary's Necklace quest and then The Lost Tools quest. Now go to south of town a bit off the road and finish Assessing the Threat.

You should be nearing 20 by now so grab the Redridge Ghoulash quest and do the Free lunch quest from Darcy the NPC inside the inn. Go outside town and kill the various animals/spiders and such to finish the Redridge Ghoulash quest, you should hit 20 by the end of this quest.

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