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1-12 World of Warcraft Powerleveling
Guide for Horde

Note that this guide is ancient. Cataclysm changed many of the quests and details.

We'll leave this page up for posterity sake. If you like you can check out our leveling home page, with links to the appropriate class guides and a bunch of leveling tips. Those pages will be updated regularly, into Mists of Pandaria and beyond.
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Levels 1-12 Horde Durotar


Your going to start by doing all the quests in the valley of trials, this should take you to 5 or 6 and can take only 10-15 minutes if done right.

1- "Cutting Teeth"
2- "Sting of the Scorpid & Sarkoth"
3- "Vile Familiars"
4- Turn quests in and get "Galgar's Cactus Surprise & Lazy Peons" then finish them
5- Get and complete "Burning Blade Medallion & Thazz'rils Pick"
6- Hearth to the starter town turn your last quests in.

Head to Sen'Jin Village

1- Get "A Peon's Burden" on the way as well as "Thwarting Kolkar Agression"
2- Head into Sen'Jin village picking up all the quests possible
3- Run to Razor Hill, make sure your level 6 by the time you reach it.
4- Do "Vanquish the Betrayers & Carry Your Weight"
5- Go do "A Solvent Spirit & From the Wreckage"
6- Complete part of the "Encroachment" quest line
7- Grind to Level 8

Return to Sen'Jin Village

1- Do "Thwarting Kolkar Agression"
2- Go to the Echo Islands and complete the following quests "Mishina's Skull, Practical Prey, Zalazane, and Break a Few Eggs"
3- Turn these in and return to razor hill

Head to Razor Hill

1- Finish Enchroachment
2- Grind mobs up to the goblin along the road leading to Orgrimmar and get Winds in the Desert
3- Finish "Winds in the Desert"
4- Finish the other Harpy quests
5- Head to Orgrimmar

Head to Orgrimmar

1- Get "Hidden Enemies" from Thrall
2- Get "Finding the Antidote" from the cleft of shadows
3- Go do "Finding the Antidote"
4- Do "Dark Storms"
5- Get "Margoz"
6- Finish "Margoz" and get "Skull Rock"
7- When you kill Gazz'uz he drops "Eye of Burning Shadow" this gives "Burning Shadows"
8- "Get Neeru Fireblade" after turning in "Skull Rock"
9- Finish "Neeru Fireblade" and "Burning Shadows" Get "Ak'Zeloth"
10- Finish Hidden Enemies
11- Grind the small amount to 12 if needed.

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