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World of Warcraft Addons

Gotwarcraft Recommended Addons

Everyone should use at least one or two addons, it's simply a game enhancing feature. Blizzard has admittedly added in quite a few features previously on able to be aquired through the use of addons, but theres definitely a still growing amount of extremely useful tools and interface modifications that improve everything from raid efficiency to simply looking better than usual.

One of those that should enhance your overall game enjoyment would be Titan Panel, an easily used Addon that adds a couple bars, one on top and one on the bottom, to your window, each displaying useful information such as coordinates, durability, XP per hour, and a bunch more. Another addon I love to use is Atlas, an easily accessed in-game resource allowing you to utilize maps of practically any dungeon/instanced area in the world.

My final "required" addon would be mapnotes, the map-notes mod not only adds the incredibly useful ability to add in all the little pointers/maps/paths and whatever else you need to the in-game world map, it also allows you to reveal the entire map, regardless of whether you explored it or not. Below you'll find a few more useful addons you might want to check out:

Titan Panel/Bar

Atlas Mod


Curse-Gaming, the resource for any other addons you might want to try

Gotwarcraft Addons  


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