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Razoregore The Untamed


This fight is often described as the hardest fight in BWL it is also the first.

The Razorgore room has 2 platforms and a large empty area in the middle. There are no monsters to kill before the boss fight.

Along the walls are small holes which spawn the monsters during the Razorgore fight. At one side of the chamber is a gate which opens when Razorgore dies.

The start:

(Click to Enlarge)

You begin by attacking Grethok the Controller and his 2 guards and killing them. Your designated controller must rush in and grab the orb and begin destroying eggs with razorgore. Your raid group then splits into 4 smaller groups at each corner.

30 Seconds after you attack grethok orcs and dragonkin start spawning in the room. Each small group is assigned to killing orc mages and crowd control in that area.

All dragonkin are sleeped by druids or kited by hunters. Your spare warriors will kite all the Legionnaires following the blue line as shown in the picture.

When 8 or less eggs remain the controller uses Razorgores huge AoE taunt ability and everyone uses all AoE abilitys possible to minimize damage taken by Razorgore.

Specific roles for each class during the fight:

Druids - Druids should hibernate dragonkin that pop up and keep them sleeping as long as possible. Druids should save the hibernate for any loose dragonkin.

Hunters - Hunters will train dragonkin around the room as shown in the picture following the blue lines.

Mages - Mages will sheep as many Legionnaires as possible and kill all orc mages that pop out in their corner. Anytime a mage sees a loose Legionnaire they should sheep it until a warrior can pick it up.

Paladins - Paladins will be primary healer during the first part of this fight. They should make sure to keep the kiters alive along with anyone else near them.

Priest - Priests will be assigned to each corner to assist in keeping kiters and their corner team alive.

Rogues - Rogues will be helping mages slaughter the orc mages that pop out and in CC'ing(Crowd Control) the loose Legionnaires.

Warlocks - Warlocks will be assigned to killing orc mages and seducing loose Legionnaires similar to rogues duty. They should reserver their fear for when Razorgore uses his mass taunt ability.

Warriors - The 2 - 3 Warriors assigned to kiting duty should gather up as many Legionnaires as possible and kite them as shown by the blue lines in the picture. They can use piercing howl to slow the enemys down if need be and use the mass fear for the final part of phase 1.

Razorgore Controller - The controller must use Razorgore to destroy all the eggs in the room which are around 30 eggs.
Razorgores Abilities:

Destroy Egg - Short range untargetted ability that destroys a nearby egg. It has a 3 second cast and a 7 second cooldown.

Calm Dragonkin - Long range targeted ability which sleeps one dragonkin for 30 seconds. It is a instant cast spell.

Fireball Volley - Hits everything in the room with a fireball doing around 1000 or more damage and generates a massive amount of aggro on Razorgore.

Once all the eggs are destroyed you proceed into phase 2 of the fight -

Phase 2: This phase requires you to kill Razorgore. He is similar to General Drakkisath from UBRS.

Razorgore does the following:


Warstomp - Stuns everyone around him for a few seconds and reduces aggro.

Fireball Volley - every 20 or so seconds he will hit everyone in the area for 1K damage.

Conflagration - This adds a DoT to those hit and makes Razorgore ignore the Conflagged target for the duration.

Razorgore is untauntable.

To fight Razorgore have 2 Tanks on him one in-front one behind him. When the first one gets Conflagrated the second one should get aggro and they will switch off like this.

Given that razorgore is untauntable make sure the second tank has time to build aggro before you begin DPS again.

Razorgore himself is a easy fight if you follow these tactics and the hardest part of this fight is phase 1.



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