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Outdoor Raid Boss, Azuregos

A large blue dragon the wanders south east Azshara near the Cliff Walkers. This dragon is often fought over and can sometimes have guilds making alliances to trade off defending the others kill.

Azuregos Abilties:

Immune – Azuregos is immune to Arcane spells and Stuns/snares.

Mark of Frost – You receive this debuff if you die to Azuregos. Azuregos has a aura which pulses around every 20 seconds and freezes a player for 45 seconds.

Mana Storm – Azuregos will have a ability which looks similar to blizzard which deals 400 damage every second and drains mana.

Mass Teleport – Azuregos will yell “Come, little ones. Face Me!” This will teleport everyone within a 30 yard radius to Azuregos and wipe there aggro.

Cleave – Hits everyone infront of him for his normal damage +100

Chill – Looks like frost nova and deals 700-950 damage slowing attack speed by 75% and movement by 40% to everyone within a 25 yard range.

Frost Breath – Azuregos has a breath weapon like all the other dragons which deals around 900 damage and freezes a target for 5 seconds.

Killing Azuregos –

Azuregos has quite a bit of HP and a lot of ability’s that he uses quite frequently. Your Main-Tank will have some problems with aggro given that Azuregos will wipe it all and freeze people randomly.

Everyone has to be extremely careful with DPS as to not pull him off the Main-Tank because if you do Azuregos can kill a large amount of people in a matter of seconds.

The tank should position Azuregos so that he isn’t cleaving everyone and to preserve healer mana.

Casters need to watch for the magic shield and then nuke as much as possible before it goes up again.

Hunter’s can be used to watch for adds and take them down if need be.



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